Ultra-High-Tensile Steel Demand Prompts New CGL For NSSMC

Japanese steelmaker Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) is planning to install a continuous hot dip galvanising line at its Kimitsu Works in Chiba Prefecture on the eastern outskirts of Tokyo. The aim is to strengthen the supply system for ultra-high-tensile steel sheets with a tensile strength of 1.0GPa or more.

According to NSSMC, the new line is capable of producing ultra-high-tensile steel sheets with 1.5GPa strength, which will not fracture until a force of 150kg per mm2 is applied.

The line has a production capacity of 33kt/month and will start production in Q2 2020.

The thinking behind NSSMC’s decision is the automotive industry’s increasingly stringent environmental regulations and collision safety standards, not forgetting the drive towards lightweighting and higher strength car bodies. There has, therefore, been a corresponding increase in demand for ultra-high-strength steel.

“Furthermore, in the case of electric-powered vehicles such as electric cars, which are expected to increasingly penetrate the market, needs for the development of lighter bodies are likely to grow further going forward due to challenges involving driving distance and battery weight,” NSSMC explained.

It all adds up to NSSMC strengthening it’s supply system for ultra-high-tensile steel sheets to meet increasing automotive industry demand.

The new line will replace number four CGL at Kimitsu Works, which will be closed down.

Source: Steel Times International