World Crude Steel Production Up 2.6%

The world produced 151.7Mt of crude steel during the month of August 2018, up 2.6%, according to figures released by the World Steel Association (worldsteel).

China’s crude steel production was up 2.7% from last August at 80.3Mt, while the Indians produced 8.8Mt, up 3.7% on August 2017. In Japan, production of crude steel reached 8.8Mt, an increase of 0.9% on the previous year, while South Korea’s figure remained static at 6.1Mt.

In Europe, Spain produced 1.2Mt of crude steel, which was 6.6% up on last year, while Italy also produced 1.2Mt, an increase on August 2017 of 6%. The French produced 0.9Mt, down 16.8% when compared with last year.

Turkey’s crude steel production was down 5.7% at just 3Mt while the Ukraine’s output, 1.8Mt, was down by 3.7%.

The USA produced 7.5Mt of crude steel in August, up 5.1% when compared with last August.

Source: Steel Times International